• Are you getting paid for what you own?
  • Do you own royalty or minerals?
  • Review all aspects of the production package.

Mineral & Royalty Ownership

  • Check to see asset ownership is correct.
  • Determine the type of asset, is it a royalty or mineral interest?
  • Correct the property description, if needed.
  • Verify that all the acreage is properly unitized.
  • Double-check the unit royalty percentage to see if it is correct.

If my research finds a title or ownership issue, I will work with the operator to correct it. I was recently involved in the recovery of $1.4 million in suspended royalties and unpaid bonus considerations in the Permian Basin.  In the same project, I found that what was believed to be a royalty interest was, in fact, a mineral interest. As a result, three new family members are now in pay status in two new horizontal units.

Title Opinion Errors

  • Title opinions are usually correct. However, mistakes are not uncommon. I recently determined that a title opinion had been paying the wrong people for over 50 years. In another instance, we found the pay-deck the operator was using was not paying royalty owners according to the title opinion or the record title. Again In another instance, my client is not being paid on his NPRI.

Monitoring Royalty (Cash Flow)

  • Monthly reports reviewing royalty payments are provided, tying the operator sales to Railroad Commission sales figures.
  • Railroad Commission maps are reviewed to see if new or old wells are affecting fiduciary acreage.

I found that three 14,000’ wells drilled on a client’s acreage, did not have my client in pay status. Unfortunately, the error came to light ten years after establishing production.

Should you Join a Pooled Unit – Yes or No?

  • Advise as to whether joining in a unit is advantageous.
  • Is all of your interest listed in the unit?
  • Are you being paid correctly?

I recently found three units where my client’s non-participating royalty is not listed in the division order title opinion and not in pay status.

Lease & Legal Issues costing you money?

  • Is there a legal issue that needs resolving?  Problem with an operator or operators? I work with seasoned oil and gas attorneys to help you resolve your issues.
  • Has the law changed to your advantage? A 1/2 of the usual 1/8th royalty used to mean a 1/16 royalty – NOW it means 1/2 of the lease royalty. If the lease royalty is larger than a 1/8th royalty, you are due a larger royalty interest.

Time to Sell?

  • The needs of Trusts and individuals change over time. Oil and gas holdings may serve the first and second generation. The interest in succeeding generations may need another financial vehicle. Management of oil and gas properties takes a constant review. Oil and gas resources deplete over time, and a more stable revenue stream may be better for the trustors.
  • If the offer to buy your interest is too good to be true – you might want to think about selling.

Selling Your Asset(s)

  • I can package the mineral and royalty interests in understandable formats. The easier it is for the large marketing companies to present the product, the easier it is to sell. The better the presentation, the easier it is to wring maximum value out of the asset.