I’ve been dealing with oil & gas land issues through boom and bust, good times and bad.  There is only one reason I have stayed around so long – I do good work, and I keep up with the changing times.

  • Consistently produce positive results
  • Understand the nuance of title reservations
  • Good overview of exploration & production issues
  • Responsible & confidential
  • Creative problem solving

ANDREW L. GROHE, Professional Landman

P.O. Box 15035
San Antonio, Texas 78212

Mobile: 210-215-4689


M. A. Political Science, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio

B. A. Political Science, University of Texas at Austin


Grohe Oil & Gas Leases, San Antonio, TX

Contract land-work for W. F. Calohan, Ltd. in the Bryan Woodbine play supervising a seven-man crew in lease acquisition, title examination, title curative, and office file maintenance.  Represented Fair Operating Company as a landman in West Texas. Contract land-work for various clients in South Texas, working primarily with Roger A. Soape, Inc. Services I provided for my clients included lease acquisition, run-sheets and curative. Since 2013 I have worked with Mineral Brokers of Texas, Inc. preparing title run-sheets in Gonzales County and working on Trust curative in Loving, Frio, LaSalle Jefferson, and Hardin Counties.

Comment:  I started my lease acquisition firm, working primarily with W. F. Calohan, Ltd. in the Bryan Woodbine Field play.   I drilled and operated a 3,500 foot Navarro well.  Experienced the 1986 Savings & Loan financial crisis and the changing financial and exploration environment. Stayed in business as a broker or working for a broker from 1993 to 2003 when the industry picked up.

Why is this important?   I’ve seen the land business as a broker and an in-the-field landman. I’ve seen it through thick and thin and through it all one thing remains constant – my desire to the best job I can for my client.

Land Manager, Bayside Petroleum Corporation, San Antonio, TX.

Secured leases, supervised contract landmen, prepared operating agreements, assignments, letter agreements and handled investor relations.

Comment:  I became Land Manager at Bayside Petroleum Corporation in San Antonio. At Bayside I learned all phases of the oil business from operating agreements and joint ventures to supervising brokers and handling investor relations. The company developed prospects, raised money, drilled wells and conducted operations. I was introduced to the process of taking a company public when Bayside formed a public company, Petroleum Acreage Corporation which was a land-bank for leases. This was my most comprehensive education in the oil business. 

Why is this important?  This experience exposed me to many parts of the oil business. I helped with money raising, calming upset investors and counting pipe joints as they went into a wellbore. I did it all – from soup to nuts.

Landman, Jay H. Smith & Associates, Inc., Houston, TX.

In the field leasing for major oil companies such as Conoco and larger independents such as Jake Hamon and Flying Diamond.

Why is this important?   Jay was a staff landman at Mobil in Corpus Christi. Jay’s firm had five landmen, and he trained all landmen. Jay’s training sets me apart from most in-the-field landmen and brokers working today.

Landman, Sherwood Olds & Associates, Inc., Houston, TX

In the field leasing for larger independents such as Michael T. Halbouty and corporate clients such as Dow Chemical and Monsanto.

Why is this important?  Sherwood was the head of staff landman at Standard of Texas, now Chevron. He trained me and supervised my work. Sherwood’s training sets me apart from most of the in-the-field landmen and brokers working today.


  • American Association of Petroleum Landmen
  • South Texas Geological Society
  • Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association

Why is this important – I conduct myself as a professional and try my best to stay current.


Provided upon request