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Leasing Services

A wide range of land services are offered from lease to release.

Leasing ServicesLease checks, title research and lease acquisitions are performed quickly and confidentially.  Due diligence projects whether in-office or in-the-field are welcomed.  Railroad Commission and General Land Office research is performed online or in their Austin offices.
South Texas and Gulf Coast are the areas where I have spent most of my career. I am well acquainted with the county clerk offices, their records, as well as the many abstract companies in each county.

  • GIS Mapping
  • Database Input
  • Multiple landmen available

Work Product

Below are samples of a recent curative project featuring title and royalty analysis. The example was taken from the title of a 907 acre lease which was held by the production of several stripper wells drilled in the 1950s. At the time the lease was taken the leasehold was part of a 3,000 plus acre tract. A non-participating royalty reservation was made during a partition subsequent to the lease. Long story short – the curative document covering 15 or so tracts was about 200 pages in length. Probably my most challenging title experience ever.

Sample Spread Sheet
Sample Title