Andrew L. Grohe – Professional Landman


A wide range of land services are offered from lease to release.

Leasing ServicesLease checks, title research and lease acquisitions are performed quickly and confidentially.  Due diligence projects whether in-office or in-the-field are welcomed.  Railroad Commission and General Land Office research is performed online or in their Austin offices.
South Texas and Gulf Coast are the areas where I have spent most of my career. I am well acquainted with the county clerk offices, their records, as well as the many abstract companies in each county.

  • GIS Mapping
  • Database Input
  • Multiple landmen available

Work Product

Below are samples of a recent curative project featuring title and royalty analysis. The example was taken from the title of a 907 acre lease which was held by the production of several stripper wells drilled in the 1950s. At the time the lease was taken the leasehold was part of a 3,000 plus acre tract. A non-participating royalty reservation was made during a partition subsequent to the lease. Long story short – the curative document covering 15 or so tracts was about 200 pages in length. Probably my most challenging title experience ever.

About Andrew

Andrew has been doing landwork in South and Central Texas for over forty years. He earned his BA at the University of Texas at Austin and his MA from St. Mary’s University. Started working as a landman in 1974, and have worked in-office and in-the-field. Started his brokerage firm in 1980 working the Bryan-Woodbine play (town lot leasing) from 1980 to 1985. Drilled a 3,500’ Navarro well in 1985 and saw the bottom fall out of the industry in 1986. He has worked as a “Certified Professional Landman” with Roger A. Soape, Inc. on and off from 1993 to 2013 in South Texas.

Currently performing landwork in and around San Antonio. He works with several oil & gas attorneys and a couple of seasoned landmen; he can scale up for large projects and get the job done right, timely and within budget. Flexible to his client’s needs, he wants to make your project successful.

Email Andrew at or call 210-215-4689.