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Loving County Royalty or Mineral Interest

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The Trust acquired its interest in the 1920s, and it was long thought to be royalty; however, through my research and others, it was determined to be a mineral interest. Following a circuitous title that involved the Duhig Rule several times,   I determined that Texas A & M University owned the executory rights. The findings resulted in the recovery of $1,400,000 in bonus and suspended royalty.  Also, three new beneficiaries are now in pay status under two new horizontal wells.

Webb County NPRI

My research revealed that a major independent failed to include the clients Non-Participating Royalty Interest (NPRI) in three 14,000′ wells. Curiously the same operator is paying the client for the same NPRI on other wells it drilled in the same Grant.

Beaumont County Royalty

The client owns a royalty interest in an 80-acre pooled unit. While reviewing check stubs, I discovered that the division order interest was not the same as the pay-deck interest. Mineral title research determined that the division order title opinion was correct. Negotiations to correct this error are ongoing. Owners need to constantly monitor their interests.

Gonzales County Digging the Title Out

The spreadsheet and text below are part of a 200 plus page curative instrument that corrected a fifty-year-old title opinion. A 907-acre tract was held-by-production (HBP) from several Queen City stripper wells drilled in the 1950s. I along with an attorney, determined the ownership and royalty interest of the non-participating royalty (NPR) owners in 15 or so tracts cut from the original 3,000-acre mother tract as well as the 907-acre HBP tract. It took grit and insight to figure the title and ownership out. Wrong people paid royalty for over 50 years. Oops!

Sample Spread Sheet
Sample Title

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Torgrin Rietan, Statoil’s North American CEO in 2016, was quoted in Forbes as saying “I don’t run my business with production targets, it is bottom-line targets. Production is a vehicle” If you were spending your own money, I believe you would think the same way. Get more bang for your buck – give me a call.


I focus my efforts in South and Central Texas, however, I have worked statewide. I earned my BA from the University of Texas at Austin and my MA from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. Over the years I have worked for brokers and exploration companies putting together small and large lease blocks in acreage and town-lots situations. I run title, assemble chain-of-title documents, lease and cure title issues. Designated a Certified Professional Landman since 1997, I want to make your project successful.

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